Having mastered the cooking technique of Northern Chinese cuisine working as an apprentice and later as the Creative Chef of a major Beijin restaurant, Chef Cheuk then worked for authentic Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong and became one of only a handful of chefs who perfected in both Northern and Southern Chinese culinary arts.

Shortly after Chef Cheuk landed in Vancouver back in 1986, a number of employment opportunities to lead the kitchen from both local and out-of Province Chinese restaurants kept coming his way. As a result, he had extensive in founding and shaping flourishing Chinese restaurants in Metro Vancouver and Calgary.

Being a passionate chef, Cheuk embraces the vibrant multi-cultural food scene of Metro Vancouver. When he headed up the Grill & Wok Department in the huge kitchen of a popular Japanese restaurant chain, Cheuk was the creative chef behind those popular Chinese-infused hot plates. But he mostly treasured the opportunity to work along side renowned Japanese Sushi chefs there which allowed him to expand his culinary vision and creativity.

Authenticity is what Chef Dan Cheuk embraces and respects; his passion to use as much local produce and his creative mind to develop new recipes takes authenticity to a higher level. He turns out intriguing seasonal temptations and signature dishes that quickly made Yan’s Garden one of the neighbourhood’s most popular Chinese restaurants. Chef Cheuk’s award winning dessert “Pumpkin with honeyed walnut” which exemplifies his culinary skill is just one of the many delicious creations.