Dan Cheuk
Owner & Dimsum Chef
Owner Dan Cheuk who is not shy at trying new things is also the chef looking after Yan’s Dim Sum Department. He began his culinary journey working in a traditional Chinese kitchen as a young lad and never ceased to adore and explore the culture and history of dimsum. He still finds the unique shapes, cooking method, flavours and textures of dimsum, as well as the technique, ingredients and craftsmanship involved fascinating. Thought trained by master chefs in different styled dimsum kitchens, Chef Cheuk’s innovative concept and energetic spirit has transformed old school dimsum into new generation varieties that customers enjoy and keep coming back for.

On one hand, Chef Cheuk is busy creating both old-style and trendy west coast dimsum; on the other hand, he insists on serving them the traditional way - on wheeled carts rolled right to your table because “That’s what dimsum is all about”. Besides making sure Yan’s Garden turns up arrays of dimsum items every day, Chef Cheuk also consults for other dimsum restaurants in the tri-city area.